What is Quick Server? Need for QuickServer.

Introduction :

Quick server is more powerful open source java library to create TCP based server application. It’s functionality is similar to java.net.ServerSocket. It’s multi-threaded TCP based server. 

Need for QuickServer :

In any programming language socket is the most important factor. We can make client server communication using socket programming.

So Quick server is a server to handle clients requests. This library provides many handlers to handle many types of requests.

It can handle text, binary, serialized java objects etc.

Major Features :

  • Create multi-threaded, multi-client TCP server applications.
  • Support for secure server creations: SSL, TLS.
  • Clear separation of server, protocol and authentication logic.
  • Remote administration support with GUI.
  • Restart or Suspend the server without killing connected clients.
  • In build pools for reusing of Threads and most used Objects.
  • Full logging support built in Logging.
  • Support for sending and receiving Strings.
  • Support for sending and receiving Bytes.
  • Support for sending and receiving serialized java objects.
  • Support for xml configuration.
  • Support for xml Based JDBC Mapping
  • Support for Service Configurator pattern.
  • Specify maximum number of clients allowed.
  • Easy methods to identify and search any specific client.
  • Nice easy examples come with the distribution – FTPServer, CmdServer, EchoWebServer, ChatServer.

Step 1

Install the quick server properly steps to install quick server are instruction given on it’s official web site.

Follow those instruction then test that it’s installed or not perfectly?


After installation create  a java class to initialize quick server. Run that class  so  your server will be start. Then after create a handler class that will handle the requests which will come from clients.