Know About The Bigcommerce Folder Structure


  1.  easily create your store in few days.
  2. bigcommerce platform is best and secure for creating your online store and sell the products in few days.

Folder Structure of the bigcommerce :

  • content
  • exports
  • import_files
  • product_downloads
  • product_images
  • template

3. template folder contain the main content of the site.

4. If you upload your custom js and etc. flies so put in the content folder and upload our new images in “product_images”  folder.

5. inside template folder contain the following :

  • panels
  • Snippest
  • Styles
  • js
  • images
  • Emails
  • GiftThemes

6. panels folder contain the like the hedaer.html, footer.html, homefeaturedproducts.html etc.

7. Snippest folder can contain the header menu files , email format files etc.This Files are incudes in the panels folder pages.

8. styles folder contain the css pages likes style.css , white.css etc.

9. images folder contain the images of the products and other images of the store.

10. Emails folder contain the format of the emails of the store.

11. GiftThemes contain the format the Gift theme of the store.