How to use wild card subdomain in for userfriendly site

Here are the question is how to manage wild card subdomain in server and use for it.

1) First of all it is easy to going for developer because they wont work in this.

2) Then developer have to check, is it subdomain work correctly to check this first developer enter the url like this -> test.domainname .com.

If this will work and your site load perfectly or may be there are some redirection problem like “404 not found” but it can be solve by in htaccess.

If there are any other error like “server not found” may be, so it means that your host provider has couldnt configure wildcard subdomain properly.

You have to complain about this to your host provider.

3) If then your subdomain successfully completed or when your host provider successfully complete wildcard subdomain propogation.

4) If your server support wild card subdomain, You can create by your way.

5) First of all go to your cpanel then you have see the link for subdomain like this in image -> subdomain

6) Then enter * in the field of text for create wild card subdomain.

7) Set your document root where your site exist. Check the following image ->


8) Then , Remember there may be some time for  subdomain take effect, may be about 24 hours  is completely depend on your server.

9) After successfull wildcard subdomain propogation, its time to check is now wild card working -> for it hit the url -> “”  or you can check this from “” for in this site you can enter “” and you see all the small round circles are green.

10 ) If your wild card couldnt configute properly then they all circles are going to red cross.

11 ) Now form this wild card subdomain, basically it can be insecure way but, its useful, for example ->

When you want to allocate user defined url like when in your site any user registered and you want to allocate this type of url -> “” then wild card subdomain is very useful.