How to Upload your code in Bit Bucket?

1) First create account in BitBucket.

2) Than create repository on it.

3) Now. Put Xcode project into these repository folder where .git is created.

4) Now,copy the URL from it.Show the screen shot below.


5) Open the Xcode project and go into “Source Control” from Top Navigation Bar.

6) Than press on check out.Paste the URL over there.

7) If url is like “” than remove “addon_homewizard@” first from URL.
And put Username and Password.

8) Now, if successfully checkout than make changes on code.

9) Now,When you upload the code than goto “Source Control” from Top Navigation Bar.And click on “Commit” and select file (Optional) and write message on commit box below.

10) If committed successfully than press “Push” From “Source Control”.