How To Make Multiple Language And Multistore in Magento

first create storeview in magento admin side.
step:1- going to the system->Manage Store you will show below screen in magento.

step:2 click to create store view Button you will show blow screen.


step:3 fill up the store name,store code and sort order in your new store and click the save store view.

step:4 Now your store is show current configuration scope and select the current configuration in magento.

step:5 now going to genral tab and change local option and country option as given below screen and save configuration.


step:6 now download specific language pack module using magento connect

(for example spanish language pack link is given below)

step:7 That’s it, now when you go to the frontend of the site, you’ll notice a dropdown menu allowing the language switching.

show below screen