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How to create stored procedure?

Ans:-  Insert, Edit, Update, Delete Stored Procedure. -> xyz = Name of Stored Procedure. -> ds_xyz = Your Database Table Name Most Important Point of Create stored procedured for workbench Application. PROCEDURE `xyz`( IN operation INT(11), IN xyzid  int(11), IN

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Make Multilanguage Website in Cakephp

Step-1 Make two function in PageController.php which is located in app/controller of your project directory public function lang(){ $this->autoRender = false; $ln=$this->Session->read(‘ln’); if($ln==””){ $this->Session->write(‘ln’,’en’); }else if($_REQUEST[‘ln’]==”rom”){ $this->Session->write(‘ln’,’rom’); }else if($_REQUEST[‘ln’]==”en”){ $this->Session->write(‘ln’,’en’); } $this->redirect($this->referer()); } public function changelang(){ $this->autoRender = false; }

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How to subscribe email address direct in mailchimp?

$apikey = ‘API KEY’; $listID = ‘LIST ID’; $merg_vars = array(‘FNAME’ =>$firstname, ‘LNAME’ => $lastname,’OPTIN_IP’ =>$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]); $data = array(’email_address’ => $email,’apikey’ => $apikey,’id’ => $listID,’merge_vars’ => $merg_vars); if (!empty($_POST[‘name’])) { $playload = json_encode($data); $url = ‘’; $ch = curl_init(); curl_setopt($ch,

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