Complete iPhone Application Development Guidelines- Non-Programming

Complete iPhone Application Development Guidelines- Non-Programming

 Tips for iphone application development - non -programming

Why you need to follow these guidelines?

Complete iPhone Application Development Guidelines Non Programming title of this topic is broad and it is important for any new start-up to know more about non programming stuff. Guidelines is required for all who want to get success in life and by making the best use of it you can surely push your target on the top as we are the one who is like a friend, philosopher and guide to you and love to do these valuable services to help you out.

When you are in a thought to go for iphone application you must be prepared before development process for all required information and decide to choose the version iOS in which your app will be developed so that it can be used widely with maximum iphone. There are many things you need to consider before actual app start. The iPhone Application Development process is that where you have to clear many stages from design to deploying at apple iTunes.

We Addon Technologies have developed many custom and dynamic applications for our clients and we would like to share our experience with basic but valuable guidelines for clients based on our regular experience.

How to create your first iPhone Application Development and make it live?

Here we are offering you some of the extraordinarily important guidelines like a friend, philosopher, and guide you so that you get fruitful ideas regarding how to create your first iphone Application Development and how to make it live.

First iPhone Application Development

First iPhone Application Development

I Have an Idea for a Killer App, but Where Do I Start

  • Note down your application idea on paper so that it may further can lead you to the billionaires club J
  • Do review apple guideline to ensure if your app idea is reliable and performs as per the expectation of apple, even notice if they are free of offensive material as specified here.
  • Alert! There are many restriction over publishing app with apple iTunes be careful while checking SDK and developer guideline as apple site may get change time to time so aware of.

How good are your app ideas? – Find similar apps from market

while searching on internet if you get notice of same kind of application on iTunes do compare your idea with it in details. Try to get more details about existing app popularity and how you can make something different from it.

  • Find out more about your application audience where it will be downloaded max and to know this better you have to search for this with different criteria as below like
    • Who will download most of your app
      • Gender
        • Male
        • Female
      • Education
        • College
        • No College
        • Masters
        • Post Gradates
      • Age
        • 15-18
        • 19-22
        • 23-26
        • 27-30
        • 31-35
        • 36-46
        • 47-60
        • 65+
      • Income
        • $0 – $20K
        • $20 – $30K
        • $30 – $40K
        • $40 – $50K
        • $50 -$60k
      • Ethnicity
        • African
        • African American
        • Asian
        • Caucasian
        • Hispanic
        • Middle Eastern
        • Other
      • Audience Geography
        • USA
        • UK
        • Australia
        • Germany
        • Canada
        • Italy
      • And many such other criteria, by which you can add base on your application nature that help you out to decide.
    • Note down again add your idea with something new and extra in your current app idea so it turn to be unique and attractive so that more users get to download it
    • After checking budget to do this app try to make sure that if you want to do this new app only for this platform iPhone or you want to do for the other platform like android, windows etc. It may be initially you may go with one platform at this point as it will be technical for you to decide which platform to use, if you are not clear for this cross platform details. So to gain all these various details you can take help from developer like us to acquire more facts about our company &  iPhone Application Development Services. Once you provide all the necessary requirements to our developer team who will review it and provides you suggestions in particulars, so that you get advantage out of it.
      • Why it is need to know before that in how many platform you want to do this app is required to know first because at many stages with the money you want to spend on this application and developing application could be more amount than spending it for one platform.
        • Secondly if you decided to do with other platform you can compare your app requirements with other platform and decided whether you want to go with native application development or with cross platform like PhoneGap open source or any paid framework with implementing cross platform mobile application. Actually you don’t need developer for all platforms as one application can also be use to deploy other platform. To get more details see below are the few frameworks that may help.
        • PhoneGap Open Source
        • Xmarin paid framework based on ASP.NET C#
        • RhoMobile
        • Widgetpad
        • Appcelerator
        • Whoop
        • MoSync

Looking for Cross Platform Applications?

There are many cross platform framework for mobile application where you need to check each one on the base of your application requirements and also get verify if each framework has its own pros and corns as some framework support to call native API some not.

cross platform mobile app development

Native Apps v/s Web Apps – What Is the Better Choice for your IDEA?

One more point you need to decide in which type you want to build your application ether in Web Apps or in Native Apps. Web application runs in the browser, while a native application is installed on the iPhone itself and this things are depend and decided according to the nature of application like weather you want your client – server based application or stand alone application. If it’s too technically for you to decide in which type app you want to pick then don’t get puzzle instead just take help from the expert developer, who are mastered in their services. But if you want our skilled team to help you with and to serve you with best ever ideas regarding, then do visit us at Mobile Application Development Company India

Do you need integration with Third-Party API/Services?

future of mobile apps

Check it out whether your application will use third party API for marketing or if you are fetching third party data for this purpose to accomplish.

  • Use facebook or Twitter API for sharing contents from your app to those sites which will definitely bring you with more users.
  • You may even need to use third party API for different reasons for example if you want to check or want to display the location details in your application you may use Google or Foursquare
  • Prepare the list of API you want to use and save money if you lucky enough in getting API for data, which you don’t need to develop for your application.

What are the various sources of mobile apps earning?

Once you have checked apple guideline check your pocket at what amount you want to spend for this new application.

Once you finished note downing all the details then you opt for model  on which you want to earn through your application with selling application itself on iTunes or you want to add Ads network in your application and provide your application to download for free.

  • Fee application download
    • Do you need to integrate Ads Network? There are number of mobile ads network where you can integrate their API for your application ads to decide which one is better and check their respectively site and see which will give you maximum earning . Here I would like to provide you with few famous ads network for mobiles.
      • Facebook Ads Network
      • Google Ads
      • AirPush
      • Amazon
      • InMobi
  • Paid Application Download
    • Decide price structure if with fix price or based on app level usage.
    • Use in-app purchase features where user can purchase your app at run time.
    • Make sure you decide proper price level as I have seen many apps in past that are struggling to get download number and that due to the price factor.

Getting Specification writing right!

Software Requirements Specification (SRS), what you NEED to know?

Now get back to the vital topic relates with your IDEA so it’s time to know how to write your iphone application development requirements and for that I love to share all this helpful details with you-

  • Prepare documents with list of features you want in your application
  • Prepare user flow of how it will interact with app and application flow and even how it will interact with user and different layers like to the database and server.
  • Write down all the detail requirement specification, as it is the most essential necessity of all to start with.
  • Once the specification ready get prepare to divide project that loaded with different milestone. For that you have to write down which part of application you want to do first, and it may be you are not technically expert to recognize which part should be done foremost and for averting such kind of obstacle you can ask our trained developer team who will divide project and send quote according to it.
  • Create wire-frames and for fulfilling that requirement you should also know the basic thing of how to create it. It is the way where you can plot your ideas with wire-frames and discover how your application screen will look like after creation.

 Request for iPhone Mobile App Development Quotations & Ask for NDA

  • Ask the iphone developer team for your application development quotation and about the time frame and try to keep in mind that before sharing your specification get NDA non-disclosure-agreement done from the team with whom you start. You will happy to know that we do all NDA and other agreements based on client requirements and for their safety purposes.
  • Make sure that you have requested your quote in different milestone.
  • Once your NDA ready just send spec for getting detailed quotations and time frame from iphone app developers team like us J
  • Clarify or provide more information in your detail for your requirements if developer need to know more while doing project scope and business logic on your behalf.
  • Once you received quote and find the finalize team for your application development then get yourself ready to receive more detailed agreements based on your business needs.
  • Make sure that if you have send all documents and detailed specification to developer team and doubly make sure that the information regarding your application requirements you provide them is easy to understand for them or not and also clear things like what you are expecting at end of project after it done as it is also a most important part to explain in details for each case.

Start Developing: Green signal to building your first app

  • Once all side get ready then you proceed with green signal for developer to start app.
  • Ask developer to provide you design review along with your feedback you receive and do this till you get satisfied with the design.
  • After accomplishing of design get started with actual app programming stuff and ask developer to do first milestone based on dates specified.
  • Once your first milestone done, iPhone App Developer will get back to you with its demo.
  • Few things that are in need before you take first demo for iPhone Application from developer-
  • Apple developer account, yes it is necessary and if you do not have apple developer account you can ask to app developer provide certificate from his account. But mind it that it is better to get done from your account as when you publish your app you should have your own account.
  • Provide your iPhone UDID to developer.
  • If you don’t dig up in how to get UDID just follow these steps (

Check and do all milestones based on your requirements and provide your feedback whenever it’s required to do –

Upload / Submit Your App to Apple and Start Earning!

  • Have your application Upload at apple store
    • Once application development phase finish make sure that if your application tested by QA and ready for publish on apple store or not.
    • Once you receive final report for QA get your application on apple store with your developer account.
  • Provide information that required for uploading application at apple store.
  • What information required to upload application at apple store
    • Company name,
    • App up loader Name,
    • Version,
    • Price,
    • Copyright,
    • Primary Category,
    • Secondary Category (Optional),
    • Description,
    • Keywords,
    • Support url,
    • Contact Information
      • First name,
      • Last name,
      • E-mail,
      • Phone
    • Screen shots:–
      • 5 inch retina — 640×960 (size)
      • 4 inch retina — 640×1096 (size)
    • Icon:
      • 1024×1024 (size)
    • Testing account info: (if available)
      • Email
      • Password
  • Upload app with all above details in your account.
    • Wait until app gets approved by apple support team at iTunes.
    • Regularly keep in check of your account to know if app is approved to publish on apple store or not. Don’t worry  if delaying as sometimes it takes time by apple to approve your application within iTunes
    • If your application approved you can then start to do marketing after app launching to apple store.
    • If it gets reject see reason behind the rejection and try to know if there is any issue with memory leakage or anything related to app programming stuff. If so, then contact developer as soon as possible and provide all info you received from the support team.
    • After sorting out of issues re-submit app to apple store and wait till again you get to enjoy approval status.
    • Once app live on iTunes start marketing for your application with creating some videos, guidelines for how to use app, submit app, URL to certain websites, and many more.
    • Get regular updates from apple concerning new iOS and xCode version and enjoy benefits out of it and upgrade your application according to the new features added in iOS or API in xCode
    • Get some feedback from users who have downloaded your application, as it acts as mirror that reflects the truth.

Check review provided by end users who purchased application and based on that make decision to add more features in existing application or to create new application with some creative ideas and more to hike up your app used in iphone. Might be this Complete iPhone Application Development Guidelines will help you in your next project 🙂


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